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Marketing Your Home for Maximum Exposure

How your home is marketed will have a tremendous impact on its final sale price. The goal of home marketing for us is to encourage multiple offers, which create an environment where potential purchasers are likely to offer the highest contract price and terms favorable to the seller. Our experience has proven the following method to be the most effective way to market your home.iStock_000006723478XSmall

Conducting a marketing “blitz” from the moment your home is placed on the market is the most effective way to accomplish maximum market exposure of your home. That is, all marketing materials and tools are employed immediately upon listing. This includes:

* All printed marketing materials are ready
* Listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
* Virtual Tour of your home on the Internet, with appropriate links
* Print advertising in all important newspapers
* Brokers’ Tour the first week on the market
* Open House the first weekend, with notices appearing in all the local papers

Don’t be in too much of a hurry. It’s important to wait a few days after the Open House before you review any offers. By then, more interested parties will have seen your home, increasing the likelihood of multiple offers.

We will report and analyze all showing activity so you can evaluate the market’s response to your home. Analysis will include the agents who:

* Previewed your home
* Showed the home to potential buyers
* Brought back a potential buyer for a second look
* Requested inspection reports and “disclosure package”

On a regular basis, we will update you regarding recent sales and new comparable listings on the market. As the “blitz” continues, this data will allow us to fine-tune the marketing approach, evaluate price-point, and more.

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Inspections and Disclosures

The vast majority of real estate lawsuits in California involve homebuyers suing sellers regarding issues related to the condition of the property. Lack of proper disclosure is usually the basis of these lawsuits, which can be brought many years after a home sale closes. Before selling your home, you have the opportunity to build an effective “firewall of protection” from lawsuits by properly using professional inspections and the state-mandated seller’s disclosure documents. We will walk you through these forms and assist you in completing them.iStock_000009354348XSmall

Your home should be inspected by the right professionals (termite, roof, chimney, and general whole house) prior to going on the market. By “right” inspectors, we mean those who will do a thorough inspection, yet will not be inflammatory about what they find (trying to protect themselves from liability). Good inspectors carry adequate “errors and omissions” liability insurance and are financially strong enough to remain in business well into the future.

Tip: The cost of these inspections (typically ranging from $800 to $1000) can be paid out of your proceeds at closing.

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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Before and After - Home in Los Altos

Before and After - Home in Los Altos

Preparation is crucial to maximize the sale price of your home. It also helps to insure a smooth and less stressful sale. Poorly prepared homes sell for substantially less money in all types of markets, weak or strong. By improving the showing condition of your home, you can greatly increase its ultimate sale price. Buying a home is a very emotional experience for most people. The homes that portray the most appealing lifestyle sell for the most money (which is why home developers “stage” model homes). Yes, the process takes some time, effort, and money, but many of our clients have told us after they have sold that it was much easier (and more fun!) than they anticipated.

The first step is for us to tour your home and develop a specific, written list of items that will add significantly more to Read the rest of this entry »

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Common Marketing Pitfalls You Should Avoid

These actions could potentially decrease the sales price of your home….

* Advertising the home as “coming soon” before it is fully on the market
* Showing the home to potential buyers before the marketing “blitz”
* Advertising or mentioning in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that the home is being sold “as is
* Not listing a home that is for sale on the MLS
* Not allowing sufficient time on the market before reviewing offers

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It is extremely difficult to knowledgeably select any service professional (doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.) as there are no objective “yardsticks” one can use to measure ability. Many Realtors look, act, and talk alike. Most are ethical and want to do a good job, however, their experience and skill level (and therefore, the value they can add to your home sale) varies dramatically. In order to hire a Realtor who will be able to maximize your home’s sale price, review the points and suggested questions below.